Real-time Status

Chronicle checks for status reports multiple times a day giving you real time updates. Everything from decisions to newly scheduled hearings is organize for you in our dashboard. This data can be combined with case management systems using our API to create powerful workflows.

Never miss a beat

No more manual status checks for each case.


We've worked with SSD firms to craft the ideal dashboard. You will be able to see all new information at a glance such as hearings, decisions, status changes and new documents.

Client SMS Updates

Add your client's phone number to Chronicle so they can get automatic updates on the status of their case. All updates are delayed by 24 hours so you can see them first.

Personal Notifications

Subscribe to get email notifications about specific cases. If you work in a larger firm, this helps you focus on the clients that matter to you. If you want an overview, you can get a daily, weekly or monthly digest.