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Giving Social Security Disability Firms More Time for Client Advocacy.

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Built to save SSD firms time

Powerful tools proven to save teams hours every day.

Cloud based ERE Access

Give your whole team access to the ERE to view and upload documents. Chronicle checks for documents daily so you can stay on top of cases. All files are automatically OCRed and assembled into a linked exhibit packet.

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Real-time status reports

Get notifications on decisions from initial to appeals in real time and status updates like hearings scheduled. Use our powerfulAPI to create workflows triggered by new statuses. Clients can even subscribe to get SMS updates.

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Dashboards for all your metrics

Using your status reports, we can give you insights on key metrics like win rates, remand rates, and recent decisions. Even see your metrics by ALJ and how you compare to the baseline.

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Medical Chronologies (Beta)

Chronicle's service is able to turn around detailed medical chronologies in hours and automatically updates when new evidence is received. Every data point is linked back to its source.

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Why is Chronicle right for your firm?

We are built specifically for Social Security Disability firms. We are dedicated to providing the best service to help clients get the assistance they deserve.

Secure and Compliant

We use 256 bit military-grade encryption to keep your files safe. We don't sell data or solicit your clients.

Pay as you go

Chronicle has no long-term commitments. Pay per client and get started with out adding a credit card.

World class support

Our team is ready to help. Every firm gets same-day support. Our team is 100% US based.

Easy setup

Every account gets a free onboarding call to set you and your team up. We'll do all the heavy lifting.

Team access

Your team gets easy access to case files and notifications. You can also forward ERE OTPs to their email.


Securely access your case documents from anywhere worldwide, even if the ERE is down.