Integrations & API

Connect Chronicle with for favorite case management system such as Dibcase, Mycase, Filevine or Clio. Our Zapier integration and open API lets you build powerful workflows into hundreds of platforms. You can push case status changes out or pull in SSNs so you system stay in sync.

Powerful Connections

Connect to any platform you use.


Use Zapier to connect to any platform and create powerful workflows. Zapier allows you to push out case status so you can trigger action items off changes in a client's case.

Open API

Filevine is a leading case management system. Using Zapier you can sync data back and forth between Chronicle and Filevine. Push SSNs into Chronicle so documents are automatically pulled. Push case statuses into Filevine so your files are up to date.

Connect to your CMS

Chronicle integrates with leading case management systems such as Clio, FileVine, MyCase, Dibcase and more. We will help you get set up so you no longer need to do manual data entry of basic case information.