Chronicle is the only platform that lets you see initial and reconsideration decisions. As soon as the SSA give you access to the file, it will show in your Chronicle dashboard. You can even upload and download documents.

No more guessing file access

Know which client's 1696 have been processed

Init/Recon Decisions

Chronicle is the only product that lets you know when a initial or reconsideration case has concluded. Get notified via email or check the dashboard to know which cases have closed so you can call the SSA or client to find out the exact outcome.

Init/Recon Status Reports

Chronicle uses the new SSA Init/recon status reports to extract which clients have been attached to your ERE account. This way you can pull documents with the peace of mind that you won't get locked out of your account.

Upload and Download Files

Just like with hearing and appeals cases, Chronicle lets you upload and download documents for the case. We are the only platform that allows this at the init/recon level, making Chronicle a one stop shop for ERE access.